César A. Jaramillo

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Pair-rule genes were identified and named for their role in segmentation in embryos of the long germ insect Drosophila. Among short germ insects these genes exhibit variable expression patterns during segmentation and thus are likely to play divergent roles in this process. Understanding the details of this variation should shed light on the evolution of(More)
Birds often mob potential predators, which alerts other prey individuals of the danger and drives the predator away. Participation in, or increased intensity of mobbing is often associated with breeding activity suggesting an important function in the defense of nests and young. Less is known about bird mobbing of snakes, however, although these are(More)
We describe morphological variation (scalation and coloration) observed among eight individuals of the Panamanian lizard species Anolis casildae. This variation was not observed in the holotype and aids in identification of this recently described species (originally described on the basis of a single, male specimen). This species occurs only in the Reserva(More)
A method has been developed for mapping density and ultrasonic speed in 1 mm thick slices of soft tissue with a resolution of about 1 mm. Tests using phantom sections have verified the accuracy and resolution of the ultrasonic speed maps. The method has been applied to breast tissues of three patients including tumors and surrounding tissue. Fixing a(More)
Dendrobatid frogs are among the best known anurans in the world, mainly due to their toxicity and associated bright colors. A recently described dendrobatid genus, Andinobates, comprises frogs distributed among the Colombian Andes and Panama. During field work in the Distrito de Donoso, Colón province, Panama, we found a poison frog that we here describe as(More)
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