Céline Vigneron

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In several species, the developmental competence of the oocyte is acquired progressively during late follicular growth, after the acquisition of the competence to resume and complete meiosis. In the pig, full meiotic competence of the oocyte is reached in ovarian follicles with a diameter of 3 mm or more. However, there is no information about developmental(More)
This study aimed to analyze the treatment and outcomes of older glioblastoma patients. Forty-four patients older than 70 years of age were referred to the Paul Strauss Center for chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The median age was 75.5 years old (range: 70-84), and the patients included 18 females and 26 males. The median Karnofsky index (KI) was 70%. The(More)
The developmental competence of bovine oocytes isolated from antral follicles of different sizes was assessed in three European laboratories (Belgium, UCL; Denmark, DIAS; France, INRA). Using the same protocol for in vitro production of embryos, the oocytes isolated from follicles with a diameter > or = 6 mm always gave a higher blastocyst rate than oocytes(More)
Prostaglandins could be involved in various aspects of final differentiation of ovarian follicles. Prostaglandins are generated by the cyclooxygenase (cox) pathway. Until now, the expression pattern of isoforms cox-1 and cox-2 of cyclooxygenase in bovine cumulus-oocyte complexes (COCs) was unknown. Using immunodetection procedure, we demonstrated in the(More)
The main limit of in vitro production of domestic mammal embryos comes from the low capacity of in vitro matured oocytes to develop after fertilization. As soon as they are separated from follicular environment, oocytes spontaneously resume meiosis without completion of their terminal differentiation. Roscovitine (ROS), an inhibitor of M-phase promoting(More)
Roscovitine, a specific inhibitor of MPF kinase activity, has been shown to block efficiently and reversibly the meiotic resumption of oocytes from different species, including cattle. In view to verify that oocytes maintain germinal vesicle like molecular activities under roscovitine treatment, we compared in the present study the M-phase Promoting Factor(More)
Oocyte maturation is accompanied by differentiation of surrounding cumulus cells. These cells produce hyaluronic acid (HA) and its storage in intercellular spaces results in expansion of the cells. The cumulus cells also accumulate cyclooxygenase-2 (cox-2) during maturation. Both expansion and cox-2 storage are regulated by FSH and EGF. The aim of this(More)
Three hemoglobin variants (Hb Nancy, Osler and Fort Gordon), carrying the same Tyr-->Asp substitution at position beta 145 (HC2), have been independently described in 1975 in patients with marked polycythemia. The first one was found in a French caucasian family from Lorraine, and the two others in African Americans. Two unrelated individuals with Hb Osler(More)
BACKGROUND Intensity modulated radiotherapy is an efficient radiotherapy technique to increase dose in target volumes and decrease irradiation dose in organs at risk. This last objective is mainly relevant in children. However, previous results suggested that IMRT could increase low dose, factor of risk for secondary radiation induced cancer. This study was(More)
The polymerization of hemoglobin for use as a blood substitute and an oxygen carrier would be of interest because high-mol. wt macromolecules would have a longer vascular retention time than the monomer. We found that the molecules resulting from the treatment of hemoglobin with ethyldimethylaminopropylcarbodiimide did not have a higher mol. wt than free(More)