Céline Roche

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The severity of parkinsonian motor disability and dyskinesias was evaluated in seven levodopa-responsive patients with Parkinson's disease after an acute challenge with the mixed dopamine agonist apomorphine, before and after low-dose clozapine (50 mg) for 18 +/- 2 days. There was a significant 59% improvement (p < 0.05) of apomorphine-induced dyskinesias(More)
A 30-year-old caucasian woman, without past medical history or known drug use, was admitted to the emergency department for persistent fever and arthralgias. The laboratory analysis showed moderate hypoosmolar hyponatremia (Na: 132 mmol/L, osmolality: 239 mOsm/L), normal sodium excretion (<20 mmol/L), and a high urinary osmolality (415 mOsm/L). Later, she(More)
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