Céline Renard

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Studies from our laboratory have demonstrated rapid ( < 1 min) non-genomic activation of Na(+)-H(+) exchange, K(+) recycling, PKC activity and a PKC-dependent Ca(2+) entry through L-type Ca(2+) channels specifically by mineralocorticoids in distal colon. Aldosterone directly stimulates the activity of the PKC alpha isoform (but not PKC delta, PKC epsilon(More)
Fifty years ago, Hans Ussing described the mechanism by which ions are actively transported across frog skin. Since then, an enormous amount of effort has been invested in determining the cellular and molecular specifics of the transport mechanisms and their regulatory pathways. Ion transport in high-resistance epithelia is regulated by a variety of(More)
Spin traps might exert antioxidant cardioprotective effects during myocardial ischaemia-reperfusion where free radicals are thought to be responsible for the occurrence of reperfusion injury. The aim of our study was to investigate the effects of two new alpha-phenyl N-tert-butylnitrone (PBN)-derived beta-phosphorylated nitrones: 2-N-oxy-N-[benzylidène(More)
Vitamin C is considered to be a very efficient water-soluble antioxidant, for which several new cardiovascular properties were recently described. The aim of this study was to determine in vivo the effects of a severe depletion of vitamin C on cardiac and vascular variables and reperfusion arrhythmias. For this purpose, we used a mutant strain of Wistar(More)
It was previously shown that expressed in Xenopus oocyte the trout (tAE1) and the mouse (mAE1) anion exchangers behave differently: both elicit anion exchange activity but only tAE1 induces a transport of organic solutes correlated with an anion conductance. In order to identify the structural domains involved in the induction of tAE1 channel activity,(More)
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