Céline Pirlot

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Alteration of the genome integrity leads to the activation of a vast network of cellular responses named "DNA damage response". Three kinases from the phosphoinositide 3-kinase-like protein kinase family regulate this network; ATM and DNA-PK both activated by DNA double-strand breaks and ATR activated by replication blocks. "DNA damage response" pathway(More)
BACKGROUND "Dose-banding" is a concept of cytotoxic drugs standardization allowing the preparation in advance of standardized rounded doses (SRD covering the most frequently prescribed doses rounded to +/-5%. Standard doses will be prepared in advance by batch in order to increase production capacity and at the same time to regulate pharmacy workflow as(More)
In this paper, two monolayers self-assembled on a silver substrate are compared: a monolayer of n-hexadecanethiol and a monolayer of n-11-perfluorobutylundecanethiol. The protecting properties of both monolayers have been extensively studied by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, contact angle, polarization modulation infrared reflection absorption(More)
Melanoma antigen D2 (MAGE-D2) is recognized as a cancer diagnostic marker; however, it has poorly characterized functions. Here, we established its intracellular localization and shuttling during cell cycle progression and in response to cellular stress. In normal conditions, MAGE-D2 is present in the cytoplasm, nucleoplasm, and nucleoli. Within the latter,(More)
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