Céline Mousset

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A series of benzil derivatives related to combretastatin A-4 (CA-4) have been synthesized by oxidation of diarylalkynes promoted by PdI(2) in DMSO. Using this new protocol, 14 benzils were prepared in good to excellent yields and their biological activity has been delineated. Several benzils exhibited excellent antiproliferative activity: for example, 4j(More)
This trial was designed to evaluate the efficacy of EPOREC 1 500 magnets as an adjuvant to rehabilitation following peripheral facial paralysis. Magnetotherapy is used in many other specialties, and in particular in rheumatology. The properties of repulsion between identical poles were used to decrease the effect of sequelae in the form of contractures on(More)
A novel class of isocombretastatin A-4 (isoCA-4) analogues with modifications at the 3'-position of the B-ring by replacement with C-linked substituents was studied. Exploration of the structure-activity relationships of theses analogues led to the identification of several compounds that exhibit excellent antiproliferative activities in the nanomolar(More)
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