Céline Lafourcade

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Far1 is a bifunctional protein that is required to arrest the cell cycle and establish cell polarity during yeast mating. Here we show that SCF(Cdc4) ubiquitylates Far1 in the nucleus, which in turn targets the multi-ubiquitylated protein to 26S proteasomes most likely located at the nuclear envelope. In response to mating pheromones, a fraction of Far1 was(More)
Rab/Ypt GTPases are key regulators of membrane trafficking and together with SNARE proteins mediate selective fusion of vesicles with target compartments. A family of GTPase-activating enzymes (GAPs) specific for Rab/Ypt GTPases has been discovered, but little is known about their function and substrate specificity in vivo. Here we show that the GAP(More)
The F-box protein Rcy1p is part of a non-SCF (Skp1p-cullin-F-box protein) complex involved in recycling of internalized material. Like rcy1Delta, cells lacking the Rab-GTPase Ypt6p or its heterodimeric GEFs Rgp1p and Ric1p are unable to recycle the v-SNARE Snc1p. Here we provide genetic evidence suggesting that Rcy1p is a positive regulator of Ypt6p.(More)
In the crab Chasmagnathus learning model, systemic administration of cAMP analogues that are specific activators or inhibitors of cAMP-dependent protein kinase (PKA) proved to respectively facilitate or impair long-term retention. The aims of the present work were to analyse PKA activity distribution in the crab brain and to characterise PKA isoforms. The(More)
The lumen of endosomal organelles becomes increasingly acidic when going from the cell surface to lysosomes. Luminal pH thereby regulates important processes such as the release of internalized ligands from their receptor or the activation of lysosomal enzymes. The main player in endosomal acidification is the vacuolar ATPase (V-ATPase), a multi-subunit(More)
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