Céline Gélis

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SUMMARY A method is proposed for accurately describing arbitrary-shaped free boundaries in finite-difference schemes for elastodynamics, in a time-domain velocity-stress framework. The basic idea is as follows: fictitious values of the solution are built in vacuum, and injected into the numerical integration scheme near boundaries. The most original feature(More)
  • C Gélis
  • 1991
For a long time hearing aids were the only solution for the deaf to perceive speech and sounds. Today, among the new deaf-aids, acoustic amplification still offers the easiest and most versatile means of combatting the majority of such handicaps. However, due to the fundamental inadequacy of amplification in compensating frequency selectivity, audiologist(More)
The site studied is Aegion, located on the south of the Gulf of Corinth, Greece. The CORinth Soft Soil Array (CORSSA) is a downhole array consisting of 5 accelerometers, one at the surface and four at various depths down to bedrock. The data recorded at CORSSA have been used so far mainly for the study of site effects on ground motion. In this paper 180(More)
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