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BACKGROUND How best to treat rising prostate-specific antigen (PSA) concentration after radical prostatectomy is an urgent clinical question. Salvage radiotherapy delays the need for more aggressive(More)
BACKGROUND This prospective multicentric phase II study aimed to confirm the results of the C5R protocol of high-dose methotrexate (MTX)-based chemotherapy (CT) for immunocompetent primary central(More)
BACKGROUND To investigate prognosis and effects of first-line therapy in elderly primary central nervous system lymphoma (PCNSL) patients. PATIENTS AND METHODS A systematic review of studies about(More)
e15118 Background: The aim of this work was to investigate factors predicting PFS of patients (pts) with mRCC, randomly assigned to: Temsirolimus + bevacizumab (T+B) combination, or sunitinib (S), or(More)