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  • C Cohen
  • 1975
In Experiment 1 uncued recognition of single letters presented in left or right visual fields showed no hemispheric asymmetry, but cuing by alternatives produced a left-hemisphere advantage. Uncued recognition of words was better in the right visual field (left hemisphere), and this advantage was unchanged by cuing by alternatives or cuing by class. In(More)
BACKGROUND On-site cellulase production using locally available lignocellulosic biomass (LCB) is essential for cost-effective production of 2nd-generation biofuels. Cellulolytic enzymes (cellulases and hemicellulases) must be produced in fed-batch mode in order to obtain high productivity and yield. To date, the impact of the sugar composition of LCB(More)
A new experimental technique is proposed to easily measure both advancing and receding contact angles of a liquid on a solid surface, with unprecedented accuracy. The technique is based on the analysis of the evolution of a capillary bridge formed between a liquid bath and a solid surface (which needs to be spherical) when the distance between the surface(More)
We performed single breath washouts in 14 dogs and 4 pigs using a gas mixture containing 5% helium (He) and 5% sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) with, and without, an end inspiratory breathhold. In dogs, the slope of the alveolar plateau was steeper for SF6 than for He, the difference decreasing after 20 sec of breathholding. In contrast, in pigs there was no(More)
Various enzymatic cocktails were produced from two Trichoderma reesei strains, a cellulase hyperproducer strain and a strain with β-glucosidase activity overexpression. By using various carbon sources (lactose, glucose, xylose, hemicellulosic hydrolysate) for strains growth, contrasted enzymatic activities were obtained. The enzymatic cocktails presented(More)
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