Céline Besnard

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The substitution of chloro or bromo groups in tetracene gives rise to the change of crystal structure, having a substantial effect on carrier transport. Halogenated tetracene derivatives were synthesized and grown into single crystals. Monosubstituted 5-bromo- and 5-chlorotetracenes have the herringbone-type structure, while 5,11-dichlorotetracene has the(More)
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Of central importance in chemistry and biology, enolate chemistry is an attractive topic to elaborate on possible contributions of anion-π interactions to catalysis. To demonstrate the existence of such contributions, experimental evidence for the stabilization of not only anions but also anionic intermediates and transition states on π-acidic aromatic(More)
General synthetic access to expanded π-acidic surfaces of variable size, topology, chirality, and π acidity is reported. The availability of π surfaces with these characteristics is essential to develop the functional relevance of anion-π interactions with regard to molecular recognition, translocation, and transformation. The problem is that, with expanded(More)
Palladium complexes incorporating chiral N-heterocyclic carbene (NHC) ligands catalyze the asymmetric intramolecular α-arylation of amides producing 3,3-disubstituted oxindoles. Comprehensive DFT studies have been performed to gain insight into the mechanism of this transformation. Oxidative addition is shown to be rate-determining and reductive elimination(More)
The self-assembly of the first pentanuclear helicate was predicted on the structural basis obtained for linear and tetranuclear parent supramolecular compounds. Accordingly, the designed ternary supramolecular system requires appropriate polytopic organic receptors, which were successfully synthesized. Indeed, the formation of pentanuclear complexes was(More)
An efficient and highly stereoselective fluorinative aza-semipinacol rearrangement is described. The catalytic reaction requires use of Selectfluor in combination with the chiral, enantiopure phosphate anion derived from acid L3. Under optimized conditions, cyclopropylamines A were transformed into β-fluoro cyclobutylimines B in good yields and high levels(More)