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Along tasks analysis and modeling history it has been demonstrated by experience that task modeling activities become cumbersome when performed on large, real-life systems. However, one of the main goals of task models is to provide designers with a structured and complete description of the users tasks especially when these user tasks are numerous and/or(More)
Task analysis can be considered as a fundamental component of user centered design methods as it provides a unique way of analyzing in a systematic way users' roles and activities. A widely used way of storing the information gathered during that phase in a structured and exhaustive way is to build task models which are then amenable to verification of(More)
Operation of safety critical systems requires qualified operators that have detailed knowledge about the system they are using and how it should be used. Instructional Design and Technology intends to analyze, design, implement, evaluate, maintain and manage training programs. Among the many methods and processes that are currently in use, the first one to(More)
Designing systems in such a way that as much functions as possible are automated has been the driving direction of research and engineering both in aviation and in computer science for many years. In the 80's many studies (e.g. [1] and [8] related to the notion of mode confusion) have demonstrated that fully automated systems are out of the grasp of current(More)
This paper offers a contribution for engineering interaction techniques by proposing a model-based approach for supporting usability evaluation. This approach combines different techniques including <i>formal analysis</i> of models, <i>simulation</i> and, in particular, <i>analysis of log</i> data in a model-based environment. This approach is integrated in(More)
While designing interactive software, the use of a formal specification technique is of great help by providing non-ambiguous, complete and concise descriptions. The advantages of using such a formalism is widened if it is provided by formal analysis techniques that allow to prove properties about the design, thus giving an early verification to the(More)