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Differential display of mRNA has been improved by developing a two-step PCR amplification procedure. The modified differential display has been applied to identify early alterations of mRNA expression in response to auxin treatment of tobacco seedlings. This approach has led to the isolation of four fragments corresponding to auxin-up-regulated mRNAs. One,(More)
By use of differential display, we have isolated a new early auxin-responsive cDNA in Nicotiana tabacum. Nt-gh3 had 70% identity with the unique GH3 sequence isolated in soybean by Hagen et al. [Planta 162 (1984) 147-153] and is thus the first reported cDNA related to this gene until now. Nt-gh3 mRNA accumulates within a short time after auxin treatment,(More)
Early auxin-regulated tobacco cDNAs, belonging to the Aux/IAA gene family have been isolated by screening of a cDNA library prepared from auxin-treated suspension-grown etiolated seedlings of Nicotiana tabacum. The probes used were either RT-PCR fragments or an insert resulting from mRNA differential display selection. All of them possessed the structural(More)
The isolation and the characterization of two tobacco cDNAs, Nt-ERabp1 and Nt-ERabp2, homologous to Zm-ERabp1, encoding the major auxin-binding protein from maize coleoptiles, are described. Their predicted amino acid sequences correspond to proteins of ca. 21 kDa, in which the characteristic regions common to ABP1-related polypeptides are well-conserved.(More)
Nowadays, information fusion constitutes a challenging research topic. Our study proposes to achieve the fusion of several knowledge sources, in order to detect the aorta artery, in ultrasound slices of the esophagus area. After a brief description of information fusion concepts, we propose a system architecture including both model and data fusion. Two(More)
—Carrier aggregation (CA) is one of the key features of LTE-Advanced. On one hand it allows to boost the system capacity and on the other hand it enables dynamic spectrum access, such as licensed assisted access (LAA) and licensed shared access (LSA). Efficiently exploiting CA is however not a trivial task; the main challenges are scheduling, load(More)
We report in this paper our contribution to the FEIII 2017 challenge addressing relevance ranking of passages extracted from 10-K and 10-Q regulatory filings. We leveraged our previous work on document structure and content analysis for regulatory filings to train hybrid text analytics and decision making models. We designed and trained several layers of(More)
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