Cédric Rose

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Particle filtering algorithms can be used for the monitoring of dynamic systems with continuous state variables and without any constraints on the form of the probability distributions. The dimensionality of the problem remains a limitation of these approaches due to the growing number of particles required for the exploration of the state space. Computer(More)
—We present a markerless human motion capture system that estimates the 3D positions of the body joints over time. The system uses a dynamic bayesian network and a factored particle filtering algorithm. In this paper we evaluate the impact of using different observation functions for the bayesian state estimation: chamfer distance, a pixel intersection(More)
Pharmaceutic studies require to analyze thousands of ECGs in order to evaluate the side effects of a new drug. In this paper we present a new support system based on the use of probabilistic models for automatic ECG segmentation. We used a bayesian HMM clustering algorithm to partition the training base, and we improved the method by using a multi-channel(More)
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