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Digital home business is a large potential market for which ACEMIND European collaborative project intends to provide a set of consistent solutions to enhance the local network management in home and small enterprises. These networks are typically constituted by some tens of devices connected to each other via a set of wired and wireless technologies. The(More)
A compound binding three Gd3+ ions, {Ph4[Gd(DTTA)(H2O)2]− 3} (where H5DTTA is diethylenetriaminetetraacetic acid), has been synthesized around a hydrophobic center made up of four phenyl rings. In aqueous solution the molecules start to self-aggregate at concentrations well below 1 mM as shown by the increase of rotational correlation times and by the(More)
The first reported combination of regioselective hydro-defluorination and a ligand exchange reaction during the syntheses of neutral iridium(III) complexes is presented. Surprisingly, loss of one fluorine atom per ligand combined with a complete ligand exchange reaction on the transition metal were jointly observed during a bridge-splitting and substitution(More)
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