Cédric Foucault

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SPad is a new bimanual interaction technique designed to improve productivity on multi-touch tablets: the user activates quasimodes with the thumb of the non-dominant hand while holding the device with that hand and interacts with the content with the dominant hand. The paper describes the design of SPad and a tablet application that demonstrates how it(More)
Bartonella quintana, a pathogen that is restricted to human hosts and louse vectors, was first characterized as the agent of trench fever. The disease was described in 1915 on the basis of natural and experimental infections in soldiers. It is now recognized as a reemerging pathogen among homeless populations in cities in the United States and Europe and is(More)
Exciting developments in eye-wearable technology and its potential industrial applications warrant a thorough understanding of its advantages and drawbacks through empirical evidence. We conducted an experiment to investigate what characteristics of eye-wearable technology impact user performance in machine maintenance, which included a representative set(More)
Bartonella quintana is a worldwide fastidious bacterium of the Alphaproteobacteria responsible for bacillary angiomatosis, trench fever, chronic lymphadenopathy, and culture-negative endocarditis. The recent genome sequencing of a B. quintana isolate allowed us to propose a genome-wide sequence-based typing method. To ensure sequence discrimination based on(More)
Bartonella quintana is transmitted by body lice among homeless people. Infection with this organism leads to chronic bacteraemia with few symptoms. We looked for B quintana in erythrocytes in a population of homeless people in Marseille, France. In this report we show the intraerythrocytic presence of B quintana in people with symptomless bacteraemia, by(More)
Wearable technology, such as Google Glass, offers potential benefits to engineers in industrial settings. We designed and developed a wearable solution for industrial maintenance, which 1) provides workflow guidance to the user, 2) supports hands-free operation, 3) allows the users to focus on their work, and 4) enables an efficient way for collaborating(More)
BACKGROUND CMV-induced vasculopathy and thrombosis have been reported, but they are rare conditions usually encountered in immunocompromised patients. However more and more complications of CMV infections are recognized in immunocompetent patients. CASE PRESENTATION We present a case report of a previously healthy adult with cytomegalovirus infection that(More)
Veillonella spp. rarely cause infections in humans. We report a case of Veillonella endocarditis documented by isolating a slow-growing, gram-negative microbe in blood cultures. This microbe was identified as the newly recognized species Veillonella montpellierensis (100% homology) by 16S RNA gene sequence analysis.