Cédric Eichler

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Machine-to-Machine communications comprise a large number of intelligent devices sharing information and making cooperative decisions without any human intervention. To support M2M requirements and applications which are in perpetual evolution, many standards are designed, updated and rendered obsolete. Among these, arises from The European(More)
Complex Event Processing (CEP) is a set of tools and techniques that can be used to obtain insights from highvolume, high-velocity continuous streams of events. CEP-based systems have been adopted in many situations that require prompt establishment of system diagnostics and execution of reaction plans, such as in monitoring of complex systems. This article(More)
The arrival and development of remotely accessible services via the cloud has transfigured computer technology. However, its impact on personal computing remains limited to cloud-based applications. Meanwhile, acceptance and usage of telephony and smartphones have exploded. Their sparse administration needs and general user friendliness allows all people,(More)
Methodologies for correct by construction reconfigurations can efficiently solve consistency issues in dynamic software architecture. Graph-based models are appropriate for designing such architectures and methods. At the same time, they may be unfit to characterize a system from a non-functional perspective. This stems from efficiency and applicability(More)
The use of Complex Event Processing (CEP) and Stream Processing (SP) systems to process high-volume, high-velocity Big Data has renewed interest in procedures for managing these systems. In particular, self-management and adaptation of runtime platforms have been common research themes, as most of these systems run under dynamic conditions. Nevertheless,(More)
Machine-to-Machine (M2M) paradigm apply to systems composed by numerous devices sharing information and making cooperative decisions with little or no human intervention. The M2M standard defined by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) is the only one providing an end-to-end view of the global M2M architecture. Noticeably, it furnishes(More)
In this paper, we illustrate the role of modeling in the development of commercial nitride-based lasers and LEDs. Aside from optimizing device performance, joint analysis of simulations and experimental results can shed light into the intrinsic properties of the InGaN/GaN material system.
Dynamic software architectures are studied for handling adaptation in distributed systems, coping with new requirements, new environments, and failures. Graph rewriting systems have shown their appropriateness to model such architectures, particularly while considering the consistency of theirs reconfigurations. They provide generic formal means to specify(More)