Cédric Baudoin

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Emergency Management is an important topic for research community worldwide, especially after recent major disasters. The problem of supporting mobility at the disaster site to rescue teams equipped with different heterogeneous access technologies and providing interoperability between different agencies and jurisdictions is still under investigation. In(More)
Digital video broadcast return channel via satellite system (RCS) is a key European standard that specifies a broadband satellite system using dynamic capacity assignment and multi-frequency time-division multiple access. This study introduces new architectural components for an RCS system to support advanced Internet protocol (IP)-oriented multimedia. This(More)
—We propose a novel DTN routing algorithm, called DQN, specifically designed for quasi-deterministic networks with an application to satellite constellations. We demonstrate that our proposal efficiently forwards the information over a satellite network derived from the Orbcomm topology while keeping a low replication overhead. We compare our algorithm(More)
The recent paradigm shift in the Internet's usage, from the host-centric to a content-centric communication model, where users request information irrespectively of its location, is coupled with an increasing need for converged and seamless access over heterogeneous wired and wireless networks. By integrating satellite communication components into a(More)