Cédric Baudoin

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The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has defined a mobile IPv6-based Aeronautical Telecommunications Network (ATN/IPS) as a next generation communication network for future Air Traffic Management (ATM). The ATN/IPS will be used with different terrestrial and satellite link technologies for supporting future ATM. In parallel, non-operational(More)
Emulation is a cost effective and efficient tool to perform performances evaluation and innovative access and network techniques validation. Its ability to interconnect real equipments with real applications provides excellent demonstrations means. The main problem is to overcome the emulation weakness which is the accuracy of the model reproducing the(More)
Within the next 10-15 years, air-traffic management (ATM) will be primarily based on data communications and voice communication will be mostly used as fallback solution. Furthermore, it is foreseen that IP-based networking solutions for A/G communication will be deployed for cost savings, high reliability and an optimal alignment with the evolution of(More)
A computerized method for the detection of microaneurysms (MA) in fluorescein angiograms is proposed, using the concepts of mathematical morphology. The MA which are almost circular particles, are extracted from the image by performing different "top-hat transformations". Some particles, however, may then be detected inside the nonhomogeneous vessels, and(More)
This study describes a method for quantifying microaneurysms (MA) from fluorescein angiograms. The method was validated by the reproducibility of the number of MA in 30 angiograms read twice each by two independent observers; and by the absolute difference in MA counts between two readings by the same observer, and difference in numbers counted by two(More)
It is widely recognized that emergency management and disaster recovery systems are an issue of paramount importance in communities through the world. The definition of a public safety communications infrastructure is a high-priority task due to the lack of interoperability between emergency response departments, the reduced mobility during coordinated(More)
Emergency Management is an important topic for research community worldwide, especially after recent major disasters. The problem of supporting mobility at the disaster site to rescue teams equipped with different heterogeneous access technologies and providing interoperability between different agencies and jurisdictions is still under investigation. In(More)
The Low Extra Delay Background Transport (LEDBAT) protocol is a recently standardized protocol that aims to offer a scavenger service (i.e. the goal is to exploit the remaining and unused capacity of a link). LEDBAT is a delay-based protocol mainly defined by two parameters: a target queuing delay and a gain. The RFC 6817 provides guidelines to configure(More)
We propose a novel DTN routing algorithm, called DQN, specifically designed for quasi-deterministic networks with an application to satellite constellations. We demonstrate that our proposal efficiently forwards the information over a satellite network derived from the Orbcomm topology while keeping a low replication overhead. We compare our algorithm(More)