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Philosophy of Biology Before Biology
Philosophy of biology before biology Edited by Cecilia Bognon-Kuss & Charles T. Wolfe   Table of contents Cecilia Bognon-Kuss & Charles T. Wolfe. Introduction 1. Cecilia Bognon-Kuss &Expand
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Metaphysics, Function and the Engineering of Life: the Problem of Vitalism
Abstract Vitalism was long viewed as the most grotesque view in biological theory: appeals to a mysterious life-force, Romantic insistence on the autonomy of life, or worse, a metaphysics of anExpand
Between biology and chemistry in the Enlightenment: how nutrition shapes vital organization. Buffon, Bonnet, C.F. Wolff
This paper seeks to characterize how the study of nutrition processes contributed to revisit the problem of vital organization in the late eighteenth century. It argues that focusing on nutritionExpand
The idea of 'philosophy of biology before biology' : a methodological provocation
We argue for a conception of ‘philosophy of biology before biology’ which is neither internalist study of biological doctrines, nor a reconstruction of the role philosophical concepts might haveExpand
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