Cécile Rousseau

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The diagnostic concepts of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other disorders specifically associated with stress have been intensively discussed among neuro- and social scientists, clinicians, epidemiologists, public health planners and humanitarian aid workers around the world. PTSD and adjustment disorder are among the most widely used diagnoses(More)
Mental disorders specifi cally associated with stress are exceptional in needing external events to have caused psychiatric symptoms for a diagnosis to be made. The specialty of stress-associated disorders is characterised by lively debates, including about the extent to which human suff ering should be medicalised, and the purported overuse of the(More)
BACKGROUND Recognizing and appropriately treating mental health problems among new immigrants and refugees in primary care poses a challenge because of differences in language and culture and because of specific stressors associated with migration and resettlement. We aimed to identify risk factors and strategies in the approach to mental health assessment(More)
Kevin Pottie MD MClSc, Christina Greenaway MD MSc, John Feightner MD MSc, Vivian Welch MSc PhD, Helena Swinkels MD MHSc, Meb Rashid MD, Lavanya Narasiah MD MSc, Laurence J. Kirmayer MD, Erin Ueffing BHSc MHSc, Noni E. MacDonald MD MSc, Ghayda Hassan PhD, Mary McNally DDS MA, Kamran Khan MD MPH, Ralf Buhrmann MDCM PhD, Sheila Dunn MD MSc, Arunmozhi Dominic(More)
OBJECTIVE The authors studied the clinical outcomes of suicidal adolescents who were treated within a rapid-response outpatient model in a setting in which a ten-day wait was usually required before outpatient treatment could be started, leaving hospitalization as the only immediately available alternative. METHODS A total of 286 suicidal adolescents aged(More)
Caribbean and Filipino immigrant families in Canada have much in common: the women have often immigrated as domestic workers, first-generation children may be separated from their parents for long periods, and they must deal with negative stereotypes of their ethnic group. This transcultural study looks at the associations between family relations and(More)
Migration flux is being transformed by globalization, and the number of people with either undocumented or with a precarious status is growing in Canada. There are no epidemiological data on the health and social consequences of this situation, but clinicians working in primary care with migrants and refugees are increasingly worried about the associated(More)
The cell envelope of pathogenic mycobacteria is highly distinctive in that it contains a large number of structurally related very long multiple methyl-branched fatty acids. These complex molecules are thought to play important roles in cell envelope organization and virulence. The genetic and enzymic characterization of the polyketide synthase Mas, which(More)
Although the distinction between independent immigrants and refugees has an impact on policy, services, and public opinion because it implies differences in resettlement needs, few recent studies have documented the validity of this assumption. In this population-based survey of recent migrants in Quebec (N = 1871), immigration status (refugee, independent,(More)
Despite high orphanhood and HIV prevalence rates in Southern Africa, no research has focused on mental health among orphaned children in Namibia. This study examined the association of orphan status and depressive symptoms in children and adolescents in Namibia. A back-translated Rukwangali and Silozi version of the children’s depression inventory (CDI) was(More)