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First record of Phytophthora cinnamomi on cork and holm oaks in France and evidence of pathogenicity
Phytophthora cinnamomi a ete recherche dans des sites de chenes liege et verts en 1995 et 1996. Vingt quatre sites ont ete choisis, dans lesquels l'intensite du deperissement et les principalesExpand
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Continental break-up history of a deep magma-poor margin based on seismic reflection data (northeastern Gulf of Aden margin, offshore Oman)
Rifting between Arabia and Somalia started around 35 Ma followed by spreading at 17.6 Ma in the eastern part of the Gulf of Aden. The first-order segment between Alula-Fartak and Socotra-HadbeenExpand
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Structure and evolution of the eastern Gulf of Aden conjugate margins from seismic reflection data
The Gulf of Aden is a young and narrow oceanic basin formed in Oligo-Miocene time between the rifted margins of the Arabian and Somalian plates. Its mean orientation, N75°E, strikes obliquely (50°)Expand
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Turbidite systems in the inner forearc domain of the Hikurangi convergent margin (New zealand): new constraints on the development of trench-slope basins
The development of trench-slope basins on subduction wedges is strongly related to subduction processes. Theseconfined basins form on the lower trench slope, and their edges consist of structurallyExpand
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Mesure stratigraphique de la déformation : Application à l'évolution jurassique du Bassin de Paris.
L'enregistrement sedimentaire resulte du remplissage par le flux sedimentaire de l'espace cree par les variations tectoniques et eustatiques dont la somme correspond aux variations du niveau relatifExpand
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An evolutionary ecology perspective to address forest pathology challenges of today and tomorrow
Key messageIncreasing human impacts on forests, including unintentional movement of pathogens, climate change, and large-scale intensive plantations, are associated with an unprecedented rate of newExpand
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Effects of variable root damage caused by Phytophthora cinnamomi on water relations of chestnut saplings
The effects of Phytophthora cinnamomiroot damage on water relations of chestnut (Castanea sativa) saplings were investi- gated. The relationship between root damage severity and impact on waterExpand
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Echelles de temps et d'espace du controle tectonique d'un bassin flexural intracratonique; le bassin de Paris
The Meso-Cenozoic intracratonic flexural Paris Basin is a good tool to determinate the time/space-scales of the tectonic control on the sedimentary record. This study is based on basin-scale 2DExpand
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A relative water-depth model for the Normandy Chalk (Cenomanian–Middle Coniacian, Paris Basin, France) based on facies patterns of metre-scale cycles
Abstract A relative water-depth model for the Chalk of the Paris Basin is proposed, based on the lateral variations of the high-frequency metre-scale cycles, which are characteristic features easilyExpand
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