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A survey of trust in social networks
Web-based social networks have become popular as a medium for disseminating information and connecting like-minded people. The public accessibility of such networks with the ability to shareExpand
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Planning Text for Advisory Dialogues: Capturing Intentional and Rhetorical Information
To participate in a dialogue a system must be capable of reasoning about its own previous utterances. Follow-up questions must be interpreted in the context of the ongoing conversation, and theExpand
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Using Dependency-Based Features to Take the 'Para-farce' out of Paraphrase
As research in text-to-text paraphrase generation progresses, it has the potential to improve the quality of generated text. However, the use of paraphrase generation methods creates a secondaryExpand
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Improving Grammaticality in Statistical Sentence Generation: Introducing a Dependency Spanning Tree Algorithm with an Argument Satisfaction Model
Abstract-like text summarisation requires a means of producing novel summary sentences. In order to improve the grammaticality of the generated sentence, we model a global (sentence) level syntacticExpand
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Automatically summarising Web sites: is there a way around it?
The challenge of automatically summarising Web pages and sites is a great one. However, currently there is no solution which offers an easy way to produce unbiased, coherent , and contentfullExpand
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Classifying microblogs for disasters
Monitoring social media in critical disaster situations can potentially assist emergency and media personnel to deal with events as they unfold, and focus their resources where they are most needed.Expand
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Tailoring Object Descriptions to a User's Level of Expertise
A question answering program providing access to a large amount of data will be most useful if it can tailor its answers to each individual user. In particular, a user's level of knowledge about theExpand
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Intelligent Systems for Tourism
The authors discuss travel recommender systems, adaptive context aware mobility support for tourists, tourism information systems, information delivery and travel planning information gatheringExpand
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User modelling in text generation
This book addresses the issue of how the user's level of domain knowledge affects interaction with a computer system. It demonstrates the feasibility of incorporating a model of user's domainExpand
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User Modeling in Text Generation
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