Cécile Mallet

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From April 1993 to May 1994, samples were taken monthly from the epilimnion, metalimnion and hypolimnion of two lakes: the eutrophic Lake Aydat, and the meso-oligotrophic Lake Pavin. Nitrate reductase (NR) activity was measured according to Hochman's (1986) modified procedure, to estimate potential nitrate assimilation by algal cells. Although the inorganic(More)
This paper shows how nonlinear models originally developed in the finance field can be used to predict rain attenuation level and volatility in Earth-to-Satellite links operating at the Extremely High Frequencies band (EHF, 20– 50 GHz). A common approach to solving this problem is to consider that the prediction error corresponds only to scintillations,(More)
The present study deals with the development of a low-cost microwave device devoted to the measurement of average rain rates observed along Earth–satellite links, the latter being characterized by a tropospheric path length of a few kilometres. The ground-based power measurements, which are made using the Ku-band television transmissions from several(More)
A conventional packed-column chromatograph was modified for use with a megabore column using a commercial conversion kit, with the intention of developing a multi-residue method for organophosphorus pesticides. The results indicate that the conversion does not affect the resolving power of the megabore column, since fourteen organophosphorus pesticides(More)
We present a new methodology, which provides the sea surface rain rate by inverting the 85 GHz channel measurements (TB) of the SMM/I and TMI microwave radiometers. This high frequency channel has the advantage of a spatial resolution close to the size of rain cells. We used a neural network whose inputs were the vertical and horizontal polarized 85 GHz(More)
Several methods involving solvent extraction or solid extraction (Amberlite XAD resins) were studied for the multi-residue recovery of fourteen organophosphorus compounds in water. It was found that extraction with ethyl acetate in a salted medium provided the most consistent data, both in terms of number of compounds recovered and percentage recovery.(More)
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