Cécile Huybrechts

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We report that mutation of COL11A2 causes deafness previously mapped to the DFNA13 locus on chromosome 6p. We found two families (one American and one Dutch) with autosomal dominant, non-syndromic hearing loss to have mutations in COL11A2 that are predicted to affect the triple-helix domain of the collagen protein. In both families, deafness is(More)
OBJECTIVE To study nonsyndromic progressive sensorineural hearing impairment in patients with a COL11A2 mutation (DFNA13) in a Dutch kindred. STUDY DESIGN Survey. SETTING Department of otorhinolaryngology of a university hospital. PATIENTS Twenty-one living members of a Dutch family (150 relatives in 5 generations; 49 were studied) with autosomal(More)
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