Cécile Guillaume

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Face and object priming has been extensively studied, but less is known about the repetition processes which are specific to each material and those which are common to both types of material. In order to track the time course of these repetition processes, EEG was recorded while 12 healthy young subjects performed a long-term perceptual repetition priming(More)
INTRODUCTION Increasing evidence support the regulatory role of leptin in osteoarthritis (OA). As high circulating concentrations of leptin disrupt the physiological function of the adipokine in obese individuals, the current study has been undertaken to determine whether the elevated levels of leptin found in the joint from obese OA patients also induce(More)
Familiarity is better preserved than recollection in ageing. The age at which changes first occur and the slope of the subsequent decline, however, remain unclear. In this study, we investigated changes in episodic memory, by using event-related potentials (ERPs) in young (m=24), middle-aged (m=58) and older (m=70) adults. Although behavioural performance(More)
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