Cécile Grange

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Current influenza vaccines containing primarily hypervariable haemagglutinin and neuraminidase proteins must be prepared against frequent new antigenic variants. Therefore, there is an ongoing effort to develop influenza vaccines that also elicit strong and sustained cytotoxic responses against highly conserved determinants such as the matrix (M1) protein(More)
Multi-parametric flow cytometry analysis is a reliable method for phenotypic and functional characterization of tumor infiltrating immune cells (TIIC). The isolation of infiltrating leukocytes from solid tumors can be achieved through various methods which can be both enzymatic and mechanical; however, these methods may alter cell biology. The aim of this(More)
Cancer can be treated by adoptive cell transfer (ACT) of T lymphocytes. However, how to optimally raise human T cells to a differentiation state allowing the best persistence in ACT is a challenge. It is possible to differentiate mouse CD8(+) T cells towards stem cell-like memory (T(SCM)) phenotype upon TCR stimulation with Wnt/ß-catenin pathway activation.(More)
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