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OBJECTIVE To determine the nature of and to compare the inflammatory responses induced by (1) endovascular and (2) conventional abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) repair. MATERIAL AND METHODS Twelve consecutive patients undergoing elective infrarenal AAA repair were prospectively studied. Seven patients were selected for endovascular procedures (the EAAA(More)
Lumbar paraspinal compartment syndrome is an extremely uncommon condition that is known to occur after strainful exercise or trauma. We report on the original case of a 55-year-old man in whom lumbar paraspinal rhabdomyolysis and compartment syndrome developed after open abdominal aortic aneurysm repair, documented with technetium Tc(99m) bone scan and(More)
The RetroX is a new semi-implantable hearing aid which does not occlude the external ear canal. It consists of an electronic unit that plugs into a titanium tube which is implanted under the pinna so as to connect the retroauricular sulcus with the inside lumen of the external ear canal. Implantation requires minor surgery which can be performed under local(More)
Brain tissue from the frontal cortex and hippocampal formation, taken at autopsy or biopsy from 7 patients with Alzheimer's disease, was studied by two methods of microanalysis. One case of Down's syndrome was also studied. Electron probe microanalysis of the frontal cortex and Ammon's horn of the hippocampus showed no aluminium in the various cell(More)
The lysosomes of several varieties of cells such as the tubular proximal cell of the kidney and the alveolar macrophage have the ability to concentrate and precipitate several elements inhaled in water-soluble form, usually as phosphate. The mechanism involved is attributed to the high acid phosphatase activity of lysosomes and can be considered as an in(More)
Prostaglandins (PGs) and aluminum-containing antacids (Al.AAs) are effective in preventing gastric and duodenal lesions induced by neutralizing agents. The efficacy of Al.AAs is thought to be due to neutralizing properties and to stimulation of endogenous PGs synthesis. Liquid Maalox has the same effect as cimetidine 400 mg on postprandial duodenal acid(More)
The functional repertoire of T cells in abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) and the exact nature of aortic wall adaptive cellular immune responses still remains a matter of debate. In this study, we sought to determine whether type 1 or type 2 responses occur predominantly in human aneurysmal aortic lesions. We first examined the phenotype and cytokine(More)
We describe the case of a patient with adventitial cystic disease of the popliteal artery in which a direct anatomic communication between the cysts and the nearby knee joint was demonstrated by magnetic resonance imaging and confirmed by surgery. This unusual observation could shed some light on the much debated question of the cause, the pathogenesis, and(More)
INTRODUCTION The question of the role of season as a predisposing factor for development of venous thromboembolic disease still remains a matter of debate. Actually, most reports described a higher incidence of thrombotic disorders in winter, while a recent study showed no seasonal variation in the incidence of deep vein thrombosis (DVT). These data led us(More)