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Online social networks play a major role in the spread of information at very large scale. A lot of effort have been made in order to understand this phenomenon, ranging from popular topic detection to information diffusion modeling, including influential spreaders identification. In this article, we present a survey of representative methods dealing with(More)
The ever-growing number of people using Twitter makes it a valuable source of timely information. However, detecting events in Twitter is a difficult task, because tweets that report interesting events are overwhelmed by a large volume of tweets on unrelated topics. Existing methods focus on the textual content of tweets and ignore the social aspect of(More)
We designed a data warehouse with the data sources of LCL-Le Crédit Lyonnais meeting users' needs regarding marketing operations decision. However, the nature of the work of users implies that their requirements are often changing and do not reach a final state. In this paper, we propose an original and global approach to achieve a user-driven model(More)
Profiling gene expression in endothelial cells advances the understanding of normal vascular physiology and disease processes involving angiogenesis. However, endothelial cell purification has been challenging because of the difficulty of isolating cells and their low abundance. Here we examine gene expression in endothelial cells freshly isolated from lung(More)
This paper describes SONDY, a tool for analysis of trends and dynamics in online social network data. SONDY addresses two audiences: (i) end-users who want to explore social activity and (ii) researchers who want to experiment and compare mining techniques on social data. SONDY helps end-users like media analysts or journalists understand social network(More)
Profiling gene expression in endothelial cells provides a strategy for developing a molecular understanding of normal vascular physiology and disease processes involving angiogenesis and vascular remodeling. However, the purification of endothelial cells for this purpose has been challenging because of the difficulty of isolating the cells and their low(More)
A data warehouse is built by collecting data from external sources. Several changes on contents and structures can usually happen on these sources. Therefore , these changes have to be reflected in the data warehouse using schema updating or versioning. However a data warehouse has also to evolve according to new users' analysis needs. In this case, the(More)
Hierarchies are crucial for analysis in data warehouses. But they can hardly be defined on measure attributes. In this paper, we tackle this issue and we show that measure generalizations often depend on a context. For instance, a given blood pressure can be either low, normal or high regarding not only the collected measure but also characteristics of the(More)