Cèlia Fusté

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Penicillin-resistant (penr) clinical isolates of Neisseria meningitidis, which do not produce beta-lactamase, were first identified in Spain in 1985; the frequency of their recovery, which has been increasing in the past few years, reached 20% in 1989. Serogrouping, determination of serotypes and subtypes, and multilocus enzyme electrophoresis of the penr(More)
The outer membrane proteins (OMPs) of several strains of Serratia marcescens have been studied by sodium dodecyl sulphate - urea - polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. Four major OMPs, named Omp1, Omp2, Omp3, and OmpA (42, 40, 39, and 37 kDa, respectively), have been visualized. The relative proportions of Omp2 and Omp3 depend on cultural conditions(More)
During batch aerobic submerged fermentation, the exopolysaccharide synthesis by Pseudomonas sp. strain EPS-5028 occurred in growth- and non-growth-linked processes. Polysaccharide formation increased when the pH was controlled at 7 during fermentation. Exopolysaccharide production depended on the phosphate content of the medium. The polymer exhibited a(More)
The permeability to cephaloridine was studied in five Haemophilus influenzae strains (four non-typable and one type b) using the Zimmermann and Rosselet method. The beta-lactamase activity was due to a plasmid-encoded TEM-1 enzyme. High permeability coefficients were measured in all strains examined. No great differences in permeability coefficients were(More)
PURPOSE To design and test a new noninvasive method for anterior chamber angle (ACA) estimation based on the slit lamp that is accessible to all eye-care professionals. METHODS A new technique (slit lamp anterior chamber estimation [SLACE]) that aims to overcome some of the limitations of the van Herick procedure was designed. The technique, which only(More)
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