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Gene Expression Programming: A New Adaptive Algorithm for Solving Problems
Gene expression programming, a genotype/phenotype genetic algorithm (linear and ramified), is presented here for the first time as a new technique for the creation of computer programs. Expand
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Gene Expression Programming: Mathematical Modeling by an Artificial Intelligence
  • Cândida Ferreira
  • Computer Science
  • Studies in Computational Intelligence
  • 14 October 2014
Introduction: The Biological Perspective.- The Entities of Gene Expression Programming.- The Basic Gene Expression Algorithm. Expand
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Automatically Defined Functions in Gene Expression Programming
In this chapter it is shown how Automatically Defined Functions are encoded in the genotype/phenotype system of Gene Expression Programming and how they are implemented in GEP. Expand
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Designing Neural Networks Using Gene Expression Programming
An artificial neural network with all its elements is a rather com- plex structure, not easily constructed and/or trained to perform a particular task. Expand
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Mutation, Transposition, and Recombination: An Analysis of the Evolutionary Dynamics
We show that, in GEP, mutation is by far the single most important operator whereas recombination has a very limited power. Expand
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Genetic Representation and Genetic neutrality in gene Expression Programming
The genetic representation of gene expression programming, an artificial genotype/phenotype system, not only allows the existence of non-coding regions in the genome where neutral mutations can accumulate but also allows the controlled manipulation of both the number and the extent of these non-coded regions. Expand
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Discovery of the Boolean Functions to the Best Density-Classification Rules Using Gene Expression Programming
We find the Boolean expressions behind the two best density-classification rules, providing a useful resource for research on emergent behaviors in cellular automata. Expand
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América: de línea de frontera a líneas de figura, de poesía, de memoria
The lines, the simplest way to represent borders, take part in the construction of power relations in the Western world, transformed into images and metaphors of poetic and narrative discourse. ThisExpand