Cátia Parente Carvalho

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A nitrospiropyran, which was modified with a cadaverine-derived anchor, was investigated with respect to its thermally induced isomerizations, hydrolytic stability of the merocyanine form, and photochromic ring closure. The host-guest complexation of the anchor by the cucurbit[7]uril macrocycle, evidenced by absorption titration, NMR spectroscopy, and(More)
Cucurbiturils (CB6 and CB7) were shown to inhibit the enzymatically catalyzed restriction of plasmids and linear DNA. This effect can be inverted by supramolecular masking of the macrocycles through competitive complexation with polyamines. These experiments provide supramolecular control of biocatalytic processes.
New C60 and C70 fullerene dyads formed with 4-amino-1,8-naphthalimide chromophores have been prepared by the Bingel cyclopropanation reaction. The resulting monoadducts were investigated with respect to their fluorescence properties (quantum yields and lifetimes) to unravel the role of the charge-transfer naphthalimide chromophore as a light-absorbing(More)
Fluorophores are indispensable for imaging biological processes. We report the design and synthesis of azide-tagged boronic acid salicylidenehydrazone (BASHY) dyes and their use for site-selective labelling of Annexin V. The Annexin V-BASHY conjugate maintained function and fluorescence as demonstrated by the targeted detection of apoptotic cells.
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