Cássia Regina Nespolo

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Lactic acid bacteria (LAB) were isolated from ovine milk and cheeses manufactured in the South Region of Brazil. Among 112 bacterial isolates investigated, 59 were chosen through a screening for LAB. Among these 59 strains of LAB, 21% showed antimicrobial, proteolytic and lipolytic activities. Based on this screening, Lactobacillus plantarum LCN 17 and(More)
We examined cognitive and psychiatric disturbances in patients with Huntington's disease (HD) in comparison to at risk asymptomatic subjects. Cognitive and psychiatric scales and an HD motor scale were administered to 40 HD patients, 17 pre-symptomatic HD gene carriers (AR+) and 28 non gene carriers (AR-). HD patients did worse than AR+ and AR- in all(More)
The identification of the molecular basis of numerous hereditary neurological disorders allowed the feasibility of predictive genetic tests for at-risk family members. In agreement with international guidelines, we tested a protocol for a predictive test to optimize cooperation among specialists, well-being of participants, and organization of clinical(More)
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