Cássia Baldini Soares

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Reviews of primary research are becoming more common as evidence-based practice gains recognition as the benchmark for care, and the number of, and access to, primary research sources has grown. One of the newer review types is the 'scoping review'. In general, scoping reviews are commonly used for 'reconnaissance' - to clarify working definitions and(More)
This study aimed to: analyze the conceptions of health education that guide educational practices of community health agents in the Family Health Program of the Butantã Health Coordination, São Paulo, Brazil, and analyze the character of these educational activities. Data were collected through focus groups and in-depth semi-structured interviews with 39(More)
UNLABELLED Integrative review (IR) has an international reputation in nursing research and evidence-based practice. This IR aimed at identifying and analyzing the concepts and methods recommended to undertaking IR in nursing. Nine information resources,including electronic databases and grey literature were searched. Seventeen studies were included. The(More)
OBJECTIVE Scoping reviews are used to assess the extent of a body of literature on a particular topic, and often to ensure that further research in that area is a beneficial addition to world knowledge. The aim of this paper reports upon the development of a methodology for scoping reviews based upon the Arksey and O'Malley framework, the Levac, Colquhoun,(More)
The object of this study is nurses' job and its relation to their health in the Family Health Program and objective was to comprehend the characteristics of nurses' job. Sixteen nurses who work in Basic Health Units in São Paulo city were interviewed in 2007. The nurses' ways of working were analyzed according to: working process, subjectivity, polyvalence,(More)
The objective of this study is to report on the experience of constructing and using an instrument to collect and analyze theoretical-methodological references of studies, in systematic literature reviews. The goal is for researchers to have available an instrument that is appropriate for evaluating the studies that present their theoretical foundations,(More)
In this study, we discuss the integration in systematic reviews of research developed from a Marxist perspective of knowledge production and their results as evidence in healthcare. The study objectives are to review the assumptions of dialectical and historical materialism (DHM) and discuss the implications of dialectics for a literature review and the(More)
This study focused on the relationship theory-practice of the discipline Fundamentals and Practices of Collective Health Nursing, offered to undergraduate students of the Nursing School, University of São Paulo, Brazil. The objectives were: to identify and understand the concepts studied in the discipline and to identify its application in nursing practices(More)
UNLABELLED The aim of this study was to understand and analyze the potential of a game as a sensitization strategy for the performance of focal groups with adolescents in investigations into values. Twenty nine groups were realized in 10 social institutions of the municipality of Santo André. The sample was composed of 209 adolescents of 15 to 19 years of(More)
Received: 06/23/2010 Approved: 04/11/2011 Português / Inglês www.scielo.br/reeusp RESUMO O objeti vo deste estudo é relatar a experiência de construção e uti lização de um instrumento de captação e análise dos referenciais teórico-metodológicos de estudos, em revisões sistemáti cas da literatura. O que se pretende é que investi gadores disponham de um(More)