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Algorithmic composition is the creation of music using algorithms, or more specifically, computer programming. Real-time Algorithmic Composition seeks to extend this compositional technique to real-time scenarios like concert performances or interactive installations. As such, a more novel mode of interaction between the composer and the system is needed(More)
In this paper we describe an approach for generating and visualising new rhythmic patterns from existing audio in real-time using concatenative synthesis. We introduce a graph-based model enabling novel visualisation and manipulation of new patterns that mimics the rhythmic and timbral character of an existing target seed pattern using a separate database(More)
In this paper we present and report on a methodology for evaluating a creative MIR-based application of concatenative synthesis. After reviewing many existing applications of concatenative synthesis we have developed an application that specifically addresses loop-based rhythmic pattern generation. We describe how such a system could be evaluated with(More)
Concatenative synthesis is a sample-based approach to sound creation used frequently in speech synthesis and, increasingly, in musical contexts. Unit selection, a key component, is the process by which sounds are chosen from the corpus of samples. Hidden Markov Models are often chosen for this task, but one common criticism is its singular path output which(More)
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