Cándida Salvans

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A challenge in achieving optimal management of cancer is the discovery of secreted biomarkers that represent useful surrogates for the disease and could be measured noninvasively. Because of the problems encountered in the proteomic interrogation of plasma, secretomes have been proposed as an alternative source of tumor markers that might be enriched with(More)
Despite the broad applicability of the Huisgen cycloaddition reaction, the click functionalization of RNAs with peptides still remains a challenge. Here we describe a straightforward method for the click functionalization of siRNAs with peptides of different sizes and complexities. Among them, a promising peptide carrier for the selective siRNA delivery(More)
Computational techniques have been used to design a novel class of RNA architecture with expected improved resistance to nuclease degradation, while showing interference RNA activity. The in silico designed structure consists of a 24-29 bp duplex RNA region linked on both ends by N-alkyl-N dimeric nucleotides (BCn dimers; n = number of carbon atoms of the(More)
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