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We investigate the impact of the intergenerational nature of services, via backward compatibility, on the adoption of multi-generational platforms. We consider a mobile Internet platform that has evolved over several generations and for which users download complementary services from third party providers. These services are often intergenerational: newer(More)
Several studies in recent years have investigated the reasons for the decline in physical album sales. Many of these studies have attributed the decline of physical album sales to online music piracy, and some have questioned this finding. This paper complements the existing literature by analyzing the impact of online music piracy and digital music on(More)
In the music industry, the Internet and digital music formats have fundamentally altered the way music is packaged, distributed and consumed. The Internet and digital music formats have enabled music to be purchased as an individual song (digital single) or as an album (digital album), or to be enjoyed without paying for it (unlicensed music). Building on(More)
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