Byungun Yoon

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Technology intelligence tools have come to be regarded as vital components in planning for technology development and formulating technology strategies. However, most such tools currently focus on providing graphical frameworks and databases to support the process of technology analysis. Techpioneer, the proposed tool in this paper, aims to offer decisive(More)
This paper proposes an approach for creating and utilizing keyword-based patent maps for use in new technology creation activity. The proposed approach comprises the following sub-modules. First, text mining is used to transform patent documents into structured data to identify keyword vectors. Second, principal component analysis is employed to reduce the(More)
Most of research in technology roadmapping has focused on practical applications of technology roadmap, and methods to enhance its operational process. Thus, despite a demand for supports through well-organized information, little attentions have been paid to a study on how/which information can be utilized in a technology roadmapping. Therefore, this paper(More)
With the growing recognition of the importance of knowledge creation, knowledge maps are being regarded as a critical tool for successful knowledge management. However, the various methods of developing knowledge maps mostly depend on unsystematic processes and the judgment of domain experts with a wide range of untapped information. Thus, this research(More)
As open innovation has received increasingly attention in the management of innovation, the importance of identifying potential partnership is increasing. This paper suggests a methodology to identify the interested parties as one of Innovation intermediaries to enable open innovation with patent network. To implement the methodology, multi-stage patent(More)