Byungsang Kim

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—The cloud environment makes it possible to analyze large data sets in a scalable computing infrastructure. In the bioinformatics field, the applications are composed of the complex workflow tasks, which require huge data storage as well as a computing-intensive parallel workload. Many approaches have been introduced in distributed solutions. However, they(More)
Recently, cloud computing has been emerged to offer new business model for service providers and computing services for many customers in various fields. Both the profit maximization for cloud service providers and the SLA guaranteeing for cloud service customers are most important issues in the research of cloud computing. Many researches about cloud(More)
Quality of Service (QoS)-constrained policy has an advantage to guarantee QoS requirements requested by users. Quorum systems can ensure the consistency and availability of replicated data despite the benign failure of data repositories. We propose a Quorum based resource management scheme, which includes a system resource and network resource , both of(More)
In wireless Grid computing environment, end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS) could be very complex, and this highlights the increasing requirement for the management of QoS itself. Policy quorum-based management offers a more flexible, customizable management solution that allows controlled elements to be configured or scheduled on the fly, for a specific(More)