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This paper analyzes delays and resource efficiency when DASH segment files are transmitted through IP-based next-generation broadcasting systems such as ATSC 3.0. DASH segment files are designed to support media content of various qualities in the DASH system. The size of a DASH segment file can vary even though they may have the same quality and playback(More)
ATSC 3.0 is a next-generation terrestrial broadcast standard that transmits UHD media content by DASH segment file, not media frame unit. The size of DASH segment files varies even though they have the same quality and playback time. In other words, the sizes of DASH segment files basically burst. Moreover, a DASH segment file size burst more due to the(More)
Next-generation digital broadcasting system transmits the DASH segment files. Delays and inefficient use of resources are the major challenges in the transmission of DASH segment files in broadcasting systems. Because the size of DASH segment files varies even though the files have the same quality, and broadcasting systems uses the fixed resource. Delay is(More)
In this paper, we propose a design of a gateway to provide multimedia services based on the cloud transmission (Cloud Txn) system. The proposed design to support multi-layered transmission in the Cloud Txn system is described, as well as functionalities as a gateway. Also, the test implementation based on the DVB-T2 is presented to show the current progress(More)