Byungjoon Lee

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This paper describes RAON which is a novel solution for tackling scalability in OpenFlow networks. This approach recursively abstracts its underlying networks as OpenFlow switches to reduce complexity and to increase manageability. The design and early prototype of RAON shows very promising and graceful use cases of various scenarios.
When we reverse-engineer unknown protocols or analyze the Internet traffic, it is critical to capture complete traffic traces generated by a target application. Besides, to prove the accuracy of Internet traffic classification algorithms of the traffic monitoring system usually located in the middle of the network, it is highly required to retain traffic(More)
To devise a large-scale network management system, we should consider following issues: heterogeneity of network devices, interoperation between multiple network domains, scalability and availability of the management system, and the cost of developing and deploying the system. Traditional network management software does not provide a cost-effective(More)
In software defined networking (SDN), a controller acts as the "brain," providing a centralized view of the whole network. Through the controller, the network can be quickly and easily programmed and managed. Consequently, the importance of an SDN controller's performance is significant. In SDN controllers, high performance has two aspects: fast response(More)
[Purpose] The purpose of the current study was to investigate the relationship between postural sway and dynamic balance in post stroke patients. [Subjects] Thirty-one stroke patients (20 men and 11 women; age 64.25 years; stroke duration 12.70 months; MMSE-K score 26.35) participated in this study. [Methods] This study applied a cross-sectional design. A(More)
A software-defined network (SDN) enables agile network control and configuration as well as shortens the network function deployment time. Despite the projected benefits of an SDN, the abstractions toward the remote and centralized control tend to impose excessive control traffic overhead in order for the controller to acquire global network visibility as(More)
As Internet technology becomes more complex, the policy information for managing the Internet grows beyond the capability of a simple protocol like SNMP. IETF suggested COPS as an alternative, but it has not been widely accepted. For that reason, many administrators have developed network management systems which control network devices using CLI, but(More)
A hybrid wingbody (HWB) concept is being considered by NASA as a potential subsonic transport aircraft that meets aerodynamic, fuel, emission, and noise goals in the time frame of the 2030s. While the concept promises advantages over conventional wing-and-tube aircraft, it poses unknowns and risks, thus requiring in-depth and broad assessments.(More)
The development of Information-Centric Networking (ICN) concepts is one of the significant results of different international Future Internet research activities. In the approaches, the networking paradigm shifts from the host-to-host communication to the information-based communication. The ICN concept is receiving huge attention because of the increasing(More)