Byunghun Song

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Wireless Sensor Networks for surveillance systems in home, office, or factory environment require correct tracking of intruders. For such systems, passive infrared motion sensors (PIR sensors) are ideal because they do not require any signal or devices on the object to be tracked and they can work in dark environment as well. This paper first analyzes the(More)
The location awareness system is an essential factor for the development of low cost sensor networks for use in the smart home environments and ubiquitous networking. This paper addresses the problem of tracking a moving intelligent robot using the pharos indoor location system. Our motivating applications include intelligent robot navigation, where(More)
The real-time tracking system is an essential component in the development of low cost sensor networks to be used in pervasive and ubiquitous computing. In this paper we address the interference problem of the sensor network platform that uses ultrasonic for location tracking. We also present a novel scheme reducing the error rate caused by interference,(More)
Recently, various applications have emerged which utilize wireless sensor network (WSN) consisting of low cost and low power sensors in smart spaces. Here a great deal of research has been carried out on transmitting video over WSN. WSN has limited resources in terms of bandwidth and data processing capability, while video requires bulk data to be(More)
Previously Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) was not the preferred choice for offshore monitoring in the oil and gas sector for many reasons such as reliability and security concern. Today, much has changed. Advances in reliability, security, and affordability within the constraints of frequency allocation now enable organizations to take full advantage of WSN(More)