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High performance 5nm radius Twin Silicon Nanowire MOSFET (TSNWFET) : fabrication on bulk si wafer, characteristics, and reliability
For the first time, we have successfully fabricated gate-all-around twin silicon nanowire transistor (TSNWFET) on bulk Si wafer using self-aligned damascene-gate process. With 10nm diameter nanowire,Expand
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Gate-All-Around (GAA) Twin Silicon Nanowire MOSFET (TSNWFET) with 15 nm Length Gate and 4 nm Radius Nanowires
GAA TSNWFET with 15 nm gate length and 4 nm radius nanowires is demonstrated and shows excellent short channel immunity. p-TSNWFET shows high driving current of 1.94 mA/mum while n-TSNWFET showsExpand
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Observation of Single Electron Tunneling and Ballistic Transport in Twin Silicon Nanowire MOSFETs (TSNWFETs) Fabricated by Top-Down CMOS Process
the authors report transport experiments on gate-all-around (GAA) TSNWFETs fabricated by top-down CMOS processes. The nanowire with 45 nm gate length exhibits single electron tunneling, and the totalExpand
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8 Gb MLC (multi-level cell) NAND flash memory using 63 nm process technology
For the first time, 8 Gb multi-level cell (MLC) NAND flash memory with 63 nm design rule is developed for mass storage applications. Its unit cell size is 0.0164 /spl mu/m/sup 2/, the smallest everExpand
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Damascene gate FinFET SONOS memory implemented on bulk silicon wafer
We successfully demonstrate highly scaled damascene gate FinFET SONOS memory implemented on bulk silicon wafer. The FinFET SONOS devices show extremely high program/erase speed, large thresholdExpand
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Novel Charge Trap Devices with NCBO Trap Layers for NVM or Image Sensor
ZnO or AlxGa1-xN charge trap device showed large memory window (>7V) with fast P/E speed (plusmn17 V, 100 (_is) and excellent retention (10-year memory window of 6 V with small charge loss rate; ~l/5Expand
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Hot carrier generation and reliability of BT(body-tied)-Fin type SRAM cell transistors (W/sub fin/=20/spl sim/70 nm)
In this paper, we fabricated a BT-FinFET SRAM device with the smallest cell size of 0.46 /spl mu/m/sup 2/. And a hot carrier generation mechanism in the FinFET is thoroughly evaluated by measuringExpand
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A novel multi-channel field effect transistor (McFET) on bulk Si for high performance sub-80nm application
We demonstrate highly manufacturable double FinFET on bulk Si wafer, named multi-channel field effect transistor (McFET) for the high performance 80nm 144M SRAM. Twin fins are formed for eachExpand
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Sub-25nm single-metal gate CMOS multi-bridge-channel MOSFET (MBCFET) for high performance and low power application
Improving the MBCFET performance further, we have successfully fabricated single-metal-gate high-performance CMOS MBCFET with elevated flat source/drain (EF-S/D) formed by low temperature cyclicExpand
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4-Bit Double SONOS Memories (DSMs) Using Single-Level and Multi-Level Cell Schemes
In this article, we report improved results of 4-bit double SONOS memories (DSMs) with 4-storage nodes through the optimization of ONO layer thicknesses for front and back sides. They show moreExpand
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