Byung Wook Jo

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A fucoidan extracted from Sargassum fulvellum, was degraded by ultrasound (US) or electron beam (EB) irradiation in the presence of hydrogen peroxide aqueous solution. From the energetic point of view, the most effective method for the fucoidan degradation was found to be EB radiation method in H2O2 with a yield of scission Gs 3.310 × 10(-8)mol/J at the(More)
Poly(ethylene vinylacetate)/clay nanocomposites were prepared by a "one pot" method, using Cloisite-Na+ with a compatibilizer at different ratios. The nano-composite prepared was used to prepare a flame retarding polymeric foams. Flame retarding properties were examined by the limiting oxygen index and cone calorimetry. CO and CO2 production were reduced(More)
DNA-mediated gold nanoparticles were prepared by chemical reduction of DNA-Au(III) complex. The DNA-Au(III) was first formed by reacting DNA with HAuCl₄ at a pH of 5.6. The complex in solution was reacted with hydrazine reducing Au(III) to Au. The reduced Au formed nanodimensional aggregates. The particle distributions were obtained by scanning electron(More)
Cross-linking of low-density polyethylene (PE)/organo-nanocomposite blends by electron beam irradiation was studied with the aim of flame retarding foam production by thermal expansion. Flammability and thermal properties of the obtained foams were studied and it was found that relatively low doses up to 42.5 kGy could be used leading to a product with(More)
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