Byung-Su Kim

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The selective removal of lead and chlorine with minimizing zinc loss from electric arc furnace (EAF) dust is very important in the process for recovering high purity zinc from the EAF dust by high temperature metal recovery (HTMR) processes. In this study, the volatilization reaction of lead contained in the EAF dust was investigated at reaction(More)
In the present study, the feasibility to use phosphate solubilizing bacteria (PSB) to develop a biological leaching process of rare earth elements (REE) from monazite-bearing ore was determined. To predict the REE leaching capacity of bacteria, the phosphate solubilizing abilities of 10 species of PSB were determined by halo zone formation on Reyes minimal(More)
As CMOS devices become smaller, process and aging variations become a major issue for circuit reliability and yield. In this paper, we analyze the effects of process variations on aging effects such as hot carrier injection (HCI) and negative bias temperature instability (NBTI). Using Monte-Carlo based transistor-level simulations including principal(More)
Recently, offshore plants are demanded to secure natural resources more and more and it is strongly required unmanned ones for safety of human operators and less running costs. In this paper, a practical multi-user teleoperation system is proposed for monitoring, inspection, operation, and maintenance of the unmanned offshore plants. The proposed system is(More)
A diffusion dialysis method using anion exchange membrane was used to recover H2SO4 from waste sulfuric acid solution produced at the diamond manufacturing process. Effects of flow rate, operation temperature, and metal ion concentration on the recovery of H2SO4 were investigated. The recovery of H2SO4 increased with the concentration of H2SO4 and operation(More)
The demand for automation in the shipbuilding industry is increasing continuously, as a result of which so much production automation equipment has been developed in various processes. For example, fields such as welding and cutting have been researched and developed extensively. However, in the case of painting process, it has not been given much(More)
Nonferrous smelters and coal gasification processes generate environmentally harmful sulfur dioxide streams, most of which are treated to produce sulfuric acid with the accompanying problems of market shortage and transportation difficulties. Some sulfur dioxide streams are scrubbed with an alkali solution or a solid substance such as limestone or dolomite,(More)
                      (More)