Byung Su Chang

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Two spurious nodes were found in phylogenetic analyses of vertebrate rhodopsin sequences in comparison with well-established vertebrate relationships. These spurious reconstructions were well supported in bootstrap analyses and occurred independently of the method of phylogenetic analysis used (parsimony, distance, or likelihood). Use of this data set of(More)
The vast diversity in spectral sensitivities in the vision of many organisms is mediated mostly (although not entirely) through variation in the photosensitive visual pigments (opsins) of the eye. Specifically, shifts in absorption maxima of visual pigments are thought to be a result of interactions within the binding pocket of the opsin, between amino acid(More)
In this paper, a digital rebalance loop for MEMS gyroscope is designed and its performance test is performed. First, the system model of MEMS gyroscope is established by dynamic analysis. Then, the digital rebalance loop is designed using modern control technique. The performance of the digital rebalance loop is compared with that of conventional PID(More)
This paper presents a design and analysis of electromechanical sigma-delta modulator for MEMS gyroscope, which enables us to control the proof mass and to obtain an exact digital output without additional A/D conversion. The system structure and the circuit realization of the sigma-delta modulation are simpler than those of the analog sensing and feedback(More)
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