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The main factor and counterplan for marine casualties of fishing vessel according to the type of fishing job in Korea
Marine casualties originated from fishing vessel occupied about 70% of the whole marine casualties in Korea from 2001 to 2010, this ratio was not much changed as it was before. Therefore a pragmaticExpand
Analysis of Rainfall Characteristics and Landslides at the West Side Area of Gangwon Province
This paper is the results of analysis for the causes and characteristics of landslide according to heavy rain occurred in west area of Gangwon province which is affected by typhoon such as EwiniarExpand
Structure of Opposite Wood in Angionsperms(I) - Structure of Opposite Woods in the Inclined Stem of Mature Woods -
To study the structure of opposite wood in the angiosperms. samples were cut from stems and branchs of 10 spcies growing in Korea. The opposite side was defined as being along a line passing from theExpand
Centrifuge Model Experiments and Numerical Analyses of the Behavior of Excavated Marine Clay Slope
In this thesis, centrifuge model experiments and numerical analyses were carried out to investigate the behavior of an excavated slope in soft clay ground. Centrifuge model tests were performed withExpand
Structure of Opposite Wood in Angiosperms(II) - Structure of Opposite Woods in the Horizontal-growing Stems of Immature Woods -
This study was carried out in order to investigate the treatment effect of PEG soln which is a common dimensional stabilizer to green log. sawing panel etc, on bonding product including plywoodExpand
Longitudinal motion characteristics of a ship according to the location
In head sea , a ship has mainly the longitudinal motion such as vertical acceleration and pitch . In that case ,the motion characteristics of a ship will have changed as the location different fromExpand
Numerical Analysis for the Pullout Behavior and Failure Mechanism of Ground Anchor
This study is an numerical study of predicting the behavior of anchor embedded in weathered rocks, subjected to uplift loads, about ultimate pullout capacity and the failure mechanism. FactorsExpand