Byung Kwon Park

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The dispatching problems in container transportation field are classified as the pickup and delivery problems, which are highly complex issues that consider various conditions in the work-site operations. Therefore, this study suggests the automated dispatching based on genetic algorithm. To achieve this, diverse constraints considered in work-site(More)
Plasma concentrations of vitamin K1 were similar in 37 patients with cystic fibrosis (median 46 ng/l) and 16 controls (49 ng/l). The plasma concentrations were lower than those previously described in adults, but higher than in neonates. There was no association between an increase in prothrombin time and vitamin K1 plasma concentration.
A feeding experiment with 40 lactating Holstein cows and 4 dietary treatments was conducted to investigate supplementation with different levels of alcohol fermented feed to the TMR on lactating performance, blood metabolites, milk fatty acid profile and cholesterol concentration of blood and milk. Forty Holstein lactating cows (106±24 d post-partum;(More)
Whole-virus vaccines, including inactivated or live-attenuated influenza vaccines, have been conventionally developed and supported as a prophylaxis. These currently available virus-based influenza vaccines are widely used in the clinic, but the vaccine production takes a long time and a huge number of embryonated chicken eggs. To overcome the imperfection(More)
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