Byung-Hyug Lee

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With the rapid increase of modern economical and technical development, the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) becomes more and more important and essential for a country. Practice shows that relying only on the construction of transport infrastructure and expansion does not fundamentally solve the existing transportation problems and sometimes it even(More)
Recently, Nationally and internationally, increased interest in electric vehicles for the development of vehicles has also been done with. In addition, due to the development of Smart phone to integrate technology in the development of life is being made. In this paper, according to this flow of unmanned electric vehicles we proposed the architecture that(More)
Recently, one of the main emerging issues in the robotics area is the robotics middleware. We are developing robotics middleware for intelligent mobile robots. In this paper, we provide our architecture model and component interfaces. Our software architecture is concentrated on the intelligent services. Among many research issues in the robotics(More)
Recently, increasing with the interest in an unmanned vehicle, the role of middleware for unmanned vehicles has increased rapidly. For this reason, middleware to appropriate has become necessary. Middleware for the development and research is underway. Among these studies, one way is developing the middleware directly other way is extending the existing(More)
For reducing railroad accidents, we developed monitoring system which is providing railroad information to a locomotive engineer. Especially, monitoring system apply to railroad crossing. In this paper, we proposed new architecture what based on web technology. This architecture will be made more efficient to the monitoring system.
Now a days, human life should be more convenient because various service can provide by progress of ubiquitous computing environments. A lot of networks compose of ubiquitous computing environment and a lot of collected data from these networks must be process to united data format for user application but unity of the collected data from heterogeneous(More)
The goal of this paper is to propose a way to processing data from service providing networks using reputation mechanism to user application in agent-based network environment. In this process, it must concern about a lot of sensor network because sensor networks are quite different about data format, protocol, and so on. To alleviate this heterogeneity, we(More)
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