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Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a prevalent anxiety disorder marked by behavioral, physiologic, and hormonal alterations. The etiology of PTSD is unknown, although exposure to a traumatic event constitutes a necessary, but not sufficient, factor. Serotonergic dysfunction has been implicated in PTSD. The present study examined the possible(More)
—We have successfully fabricated high quality Josephson junctions in MgB 2 thin films by a combination of 30 kV focused Ga ion beam nanolithography and 50 keV proton ion beam irradiation. The junctions show resistively shunted junction like current—voltage characteristics with additional excess current. Monte Carlo simulation results for the optimized mask(More)
A 14.5 GHz Electron Cyclotron Resonance ion source (ECRIS) has been made to produce C(4+) beam for using a carbon therapy facility and recently tested at KAERI. Highly charged carbon ions have been successfully extracted. When using only CO2 gas, the beam current of C(4+) was almost 14 μA at 15 kV extraction voltage. To get higher current of the C(4+) beam,(More)
A hexapole magnet for a 14.5 GHz electron cyclotron resonance (ECR) ion source, where the maximum radial field on the wall of the plasma chamber is higher than 1.1 T, has been designed and fabricated. The size of the outer diameter and the number of the sector of the hexapole are optimized for a 14.5 GHz ECR ion source with the help of a three-dimensional(More)
In this study it is found that the cusp magnetic field configuration of an anode bucket influences the primary electron behavior. An electron orbit code (ELEORBIT code) showed that an azimuthal line cusp (cusp lines run azimuthally with respect to the beam extraction direction) provides a longer primary electron confinement time than an axial line cusp(More)
A neutral beam injection system with pulse-type ion source was developed in Korea Atomic Energy research Institute for the Korea Superconducting Tokamak Advanced Research (KSTAR). Design requirements for the ion source were a 120 kV, 70 A ion beam with a 300 s pulse-on and 30 min. pulse-off periods. For the operation of this ion source, an acceleration(More)
Long pulse operational characteristics of the high current ion source for the KSTAR neutral beam system are described. The beam pulse length of 300 s was successfully operated at a beam power of 1.6 MW with a beam energy of 70 keV. Beam energy, beam current, beam divergence, arc power, and several other operational parameters were measured during a pulse to(More)
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